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Rikaz Al Riyadh has set up "Art Gallery" within the events campaign "it's beautiful to live with responsibility" to exhibit Photographs, formative art, art, caricature and calligraphy. The Art Gallery was inaugurated on 13.05/1431H by Caricaturist Ali Al Biyahi, and lasted for 11 days at Sahara Mall.

The event was attended by the visitors of Sahara Mall, who were well impressed by viewing more than 180 photographic images, with the participation of 65 photographer as well as more than 26 paintings with the participation of 10 formative artists on an area of 250 square meters.

The event had an honorary participation by caricaturists Abdul Salam Helayel and Ali Al Biyahi and photographer Abdul Latif Al Obeida.

The exhibition was accompanied by the event entitled "My Culture responsibility" during the first 3 days, which focused on promoting the importance of the individual's culture and its impact upon the individual and society and ways of development of such culture.

Mr. Ali Al Biyahi opened the Art Gallery in the presence of Mr. Mohammed Al Bawardi, Sahara Mall Manager and Mr. Mohammed Al Abdul Latif, Executive Manager of Rikaz Al Riyadh and Eng, Asem Abdul Latif, Rikaz Team Manager.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the Awareness and Social Rehabilitation Society and Sahara Mall, represented by Mr. Mohammed Al Bawardi and security men. We do not forget the honor guests who enjoyed us with their great unique work. Also we thank the participants who added success to the exihibition with their outstanding contribution.

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The Work Team

 Technical Supporter:  Eng. Talal Al Asmari

Technical Support: Ma'az Khelbous, Abdul Al Shaqoor Al Sehaibani and Waleed Al Mehaimeed

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 Fawasel, Fada, Asedeqa, Al Daw and Adasat Arabiyah.

Support Unit:

Omer Al Qassem

Abdul Al Rahman Al Jahlan

Abdullah Al Habab

Khaled Al Baqami

Yasser Al Subeai

Mohammed Al Fayad

Mashari Al Ghadeer

Abdullah Al Abdul Latif

Yousif Al Abdul Latif

Ayman Aba Al Khail


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