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As indicated by its name, Sahara Mall is well known to contain wide indoor pedestrian areas and spacious surrounding parking places.  From the first glance, you will notice a focus on the local feature to suite the Saudi traditions and on the latest technology used for shopping.  Furthermore, the Mall is situated on a unique location at the intersection of King Abdulaziz Road and King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Road, and is close to the city center.

The Mall has been opened in December 1997 when the best professional businessmen and most famous international brandnames have been attracted to be as tenants.  It has been developed on a plot of 90,000 m2 in area.  The major feature that makes Sahara Mall distinguished from others is its structural design concept involving the construction of a one-floor building to offer comfort to the shoppers and provide spacious corridors with landscaping and entertaining facilities.  The car parking places are large enough to take 1,800 cars and to permit clear and easy access to any of the Mall gates.

The Mall is provided with the latest electronic systems required to ensure quality operation and services, such as central electronic remote controlled air-conditioning system that is considered the biggest system installed kingdom-wide, alarm and fire-fighting system, lightning protective system, public address system and closed circuit TV that permits 24-hour indoor and outdoor control etc  Such services and facilities are monitored by a control room adequately equipped with computers and audio systems.

The rigorous and outstanding success achieved by the Mall has caused the expansion idea to come into reality and to witness the development of a two-storey (ground and upper floor) extension building connected to the original one-floor building by electric escalators and panoramic elevators.  The extension building has included a space of 18,000 m2 for restaurants and 5,000 m2 for the entertainment and play-yard.  The food court comprises a series of restaurants of most famous international fast food brands to satisfy all customer tastes and demands.  Some of these restaurants occupy larger spaces to provide separate private sitting and dining places for families, ladies and men.  Of the additional features distinguishing the Mall is the entertainment and play yard which represents modern children Toy Town offering diversified range of play and game facilities preferred by the children.  Such play place is operated and managed by a specialized professional team.

The Mall also accommodates a complete 6,120 m2 Supermarket operated and managed by an international company.


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